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Conference 2016

I was privilidged to be invited along to this event and you are probably thinking why on earth someone in my line of business would be interested in such a conference?

The fact is i'd made a great contact through this website who wanted to meet up with me and discuss various business projects and in light of the invitation i had from FIPP it was a great opportunity to combine the two.

I sat in on various selected presentations and realised just how important the subject matter was as it can apply to any business! The innovations and advances in communication and media technology and the now global market place were fascinating.

For example the advances in App development:

Soon you will be able to place your phone on a magazine article, for instance a room interior that i have designed and fitted out and be able to access a 3D Panoramic view of the whole project!

The App would also allow you access to this site and information on all or various items in the interior!

Also the fact that you are reading this article is testiment to the importance of social media networks as a tool for getting yourself noticed globally.

Meeting with Director of Blue Camel Design and Interiors.

It was my pleasure to meet up with Mohamed Darwiche the Director of Design from Blue Camel Design & Interiors.

As i am accustomed to placing key pieces into ultra modern enviroments be it the modern home, man cave, hotel, resturant or bar! He and I were clearly talking the same language all be it on opposite sides of the globe.

He and I shared a passion for early engineering design and discussed at length our interest in placing wonderful old and original pieces as talking points and as decorative items to enhance any interior, be it the traditional home or as in Dubai ultra modern.

We also had an indepth discussion regarding forthcoming projects and also projects I have been involved with recently such as kitting out the showroom of Knowl Hill Performance & Luxury Cars.

Working closely with the owner Joseph Crowe we decided character vintage motorbikes, automobilia aswell as vintage converted lighting including a large over scaled theatre light and of all things a magnificent taxidermy bison head! Would work perfectly in the company of top end performance vehicles such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley & Porsche.

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